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Social VR and Gamification Bring Training to the Next Level

Avatar-based social VR is the real game changer in the online training industry as it finally brings to e-learning the sense of presence and immediacy typical of in-person classes. Continuing education is increasingly growing in popularity and it is becoming more and more a necessity for the majority of us. In a variety of industries, […]

Social VR: The Next Frontier of Social Shopping

Social shopping is one of the latest trends in retail and e-commerce. It allows people to be together in a purchase in a number of ways. Social virtual reality platforms allow businesses and brands to create their own personalized environments, showcase products and services and engage their customers in virtual reality via avatars. That means that […]

Social VR Brings Life to CRM in Enterprise – A Guest Post on ARPost

Every global company faces high costs, inefficiencies and complexity when dealing with demand and lead generation. Businesses are constantly struggling to find the right tools to help them digitalize all processes in an efficient and truly effective way. Social VR Is To Revolutionize Demand Generation According to the Oracle report “Can Virtual Experience Replace Reality?”, […]

Energy Transition goes virtual at Hannover Messe 2018

  On April 25th, Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP), a global industrial energy efficiency business and policy network, introduced the ICP Project at Hannover Messe 2018, a leading trade show for Industrial Technology. The excitement for technologies and solutions was heightened as attendees of the event could attend the live presentation in EEIP Virtual, […]

VRfocus zeros in on Hyperfair VR

VRfocus, a UK-based specialist technology news website, talks about the newly launched Hyperfair VR integrated user interface for enterprise social VR in their article Hyperfair Aims to Be New Face of Enterprise Social VR. Check it out HERE! To learn more about Hyperfair and our customizable virtual environments for enterprise, visit us at

“Living in the Future” with Hyperfair VR

VRFocus, a UK-based specialist technology news website, spotlights Hyperfair as a technological contributor to bringing science fiction possibilities closer to reality with immersive VR technologies, in their article We Are Living in The Future: How XR Has Brought us into a Sci-Fi World. Check it out HERE! To learn more about Hyperfair and our customizable virtual environments […]

Hyperfair among Digi-Capital’s AR/VR Leaders at the start of 2018!

Hypefair is identified as a VR leader for Enterprise in the AR/VR advisor Digi-Capital’s new Augmented/Virtual Reality Report and Deal Database Q1 2018. See an overview of the report featured in an article titled “Digi-Capital: 2017 saw $3 billion invested in AR/VR, half in Q4 alone” on

Press Release: Hyperfair Launches Unique Integrated User Interface!

  Hyperfair launches a new, remarkably unique user interface: the first browser to mobile, fully integrated, Enterprise VR SaaS platform that allows interaction between thousands of concurrent avatars, with real time chat and a native Talk feature, in fully customizable VR environments featuring social content such as videos, pictures, products, and more! The WebGL-based platform, […]

Hyperfair at Mobile World Congress Americas

HyperfairVR has been invited to speak at GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas! Our CMO, Martina Ori PhD, will be taking part in the Commercializing AR and VR panel, alongside Unity’s VP of Marketing Katrina Strafford. Mobile World Congress Americas will consist of a conference program featuring C-level speakers and leading industry experts, the industry’s biggest names, with […]

HTC Vive X Demo Day

We recently presented our cross-platform VR solution at HTC’s Vive X Demo Day.

Hyperfair at AWE 2017

Hyperfair’s Martina Ori will be speaking at AWE 2017, the largest AR & VR event in the world! Our VP of Marketing will be taking part in a panel discussing Social VR for the enterprise and the innovation it brings to user engagement. Learn more here. If you have any questions about our Hyperfair ask us […]

“Virtual College Fair: a Pitt-Johnstown Presence at an Event in Ecuador”

“This online college fair allowed me to communicate from my office, instead of going to the country, which saves money and time,” said Chen. “The fair was very organized. Each day, there were certain time blocks reserved for different high schools. It turned out that students were mostly interested in Engineering, medical school and law […]

EGM Connect 3D – HyperfairVR Press Release

Ken Riead, EGM Connect 3D‘s executive host, published a press release celebrating HyperfairVR joining HTC Vive X. To check out the articles click on the logos.   If you have any questions about how you can create your own Virtual Reality experience ask us in chat on our website!

Hyperfair VR Chosen for Exclusive HTC VIVE X Program

San Francisco, CA. Hyperfair, Inc. a San Francisco-based company that provides a unique solution for Social VR for the Enterprise is proud to announce to have been selected for the very exclusive HTC Vive X Program that aims at redefining the future through virtual reality. HTC Vive, one of the leading VR investors in the […]

Cyberflora “a new Social Business experience”

Learn more about Cyberflora‘s VR Hub. Cyberflora will be the world’s very first ornamental-product trade show where both exhibitors and buyers will be able to keep up their daily routine in any part of the world. (…) No traveling and a full load of high-tech communication bells and whistles to boot. “Cyberflora’s organizers have also joined […]

Empowering Entrepreneurs in VR

“Una Ventana para Soñar” is an initiative born with the goal of empowering populations in areas afflicted by armed conflicts through business education. They aim to help businesses in less fortunate areas by providing them with access to tools, resources, and knowledge that otherwise they would struggle to obtain. “Una Ventana para Soñar” is supported […]

Meet CMU’s Career Services in VR

Today Career Services at Central Michigan University launch their Virtual Reality environment, register here and get your avatar ready!

VTLF “The future is virtual”

Jan Peeters has written an article for the Dutch website Travel360° about his experience in VTLF, a VR Hub dedicated to the Travel and Leisure industry. In his article Jan says that before accessing VTLF he was not sure he would have enjoyed the experience, but he quickly changed his mind: the layout was so intuitive and life-like that he instinctively knew […]

Energy Green Mortgage Connect engages community in VR

EGM Connect will launch on October 28th with four days of live presentations from industry experts. Read the press release here. In EGM Connect attendees considering building, purchasing or renovating a home can chat in VR with product representatives to get information about Smart Home products & technologies, clean energy, green/sustainable innovations plus research financing options for their […]

Hyperfair at VR Fest

On Wednesday (JUL 27) we’ll be at VR Fest at the Palace of Fine Arts talking about the business side of social VR and demoing our platform. More details and registration here. WHEN: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT) WHERE: Innovation Hangar – 3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94123, […]

Hyperfair at “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ARcade” Meetup

On Thursday (JUL 21) we’ll be at the “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ARcade” Meetup talking about how you can bring Social VR to the business world with Hyperfair and presenting our platform. More details and registration here. WHEN: Thursday, July 21, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT) WHERE: WeWork SOMA – 156 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA […]

“Panacea Adviser on Retirement Choices” – MPAF

Derek Bradley, CEO of Panacea Adviser, and James Bradley, Head of e-Relationships, talked about their 3D virtual event “Retirement Choices 2016” with Roger Edwards (@Roger_Edwards) on the MPAF Podcast.

“unCONVENTIONal” by ABTS Convention Services

Our friends at ABTS Convention Services filmed a documentary looking at the new technologies that are revolutionizing the events industry, including Hyperfair!

What will make your event stand out from the crowd and what mistakes…

“What’s the future for small businesses?” – The Guardian

“Virtual trade fairs: the future for small businesses? Online exhibitions save money and promote your business to an international audience, but can they replace face-to-face networking?” Here’s what the Guardian has to say concerning Hyperfair and 3D immersive virtual fair experiences. Clic here to read the full article.

Hyperfair on “The Power of Performance!” with @eloquentonline and @inthehallway

Last Friday our Marketing Program Manager Martina Ori was on the radio show “The Power of Performance!” with Jason Dias (@eloquentonline) and Troy Hall (@inthehallway). They discussed VR environments and the impact they can have on revolutionizing internet banking, community engagement, and branding. In a VR environment “everything that is aimed at engaging a community can be organized by […]

#GTE3D on @eloquentonline’s radio show

On Friday Jennifer Maxfield, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at GTE Financial, joined Jason Dias (@eloquentonline) on his weekly radio show “The Power of Performance!“. Along with Dr David Tuyo (Power Financial Credit Union) they spoke about GTE3D, GTE Financial’s new virtual branch. It is a 3D virtual environment – that can be accessed by […]

5 Reasons why you need to attend AEC-ST Virtual

AEC-ST Virtual is live today from 12 noon (EST)! Register for free here! To read the article on ABC Imaging’s blog click here: “Why You Should Attend the AEC-ST Virtual Show” Enjoy! If you have any questions ask us in chat on our website.

“Hyperfair Beams the Trade Show To Your Browser” – San Francisco, Italy

Many industries engage in trade shows, where company representatives from all over the world descend on a location to network and exhibit their products and services. While these events are unquestionably beneficial, the physical format in which they happen presents many cumbersome and costly obstacles. For one, you have to fly your team to the […]

First Virtual GLBT event happening Saturday and Sunday

Steven Levenberg Productions, LLC is hosting the first virtual event dedicated to travels in the GLBT world on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 15 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Many exhibitors from the travel industry will be part of the event, with hundreds of attendees partecipating, During the event, attendee can explore customized employer booths, meet new people, interact one-on-one and […]

A wide range of possibilities at the first virtual GLBT event

Just 7 weeks away from the 1st Global GLBT Virtual Reality Travel Expo. This innovative event will connect GLBT travelers to the hospitality Industry worldwide! It’s a professional environment that also provides a B2B opportunity for travel professionals to reach their counterparts across the world before the expo is open to a community of savvy travelers. […]

Virtual FinFair 2014, Second Edition

Today, the E-MERGING community will be able to enjoy the second edition of Virtual FinFair! This year, there will be video conferences available in the auditorium and you will be able to watch them at anytime during the two days of the fair. Meet some of our speakers: Hayden Briscoe – Alliance Bernstein (Hong Kong) Director […]

Hyperfair raises $1.2M from NEA, Atlante and Como to revolutionize virtual interactions

We are thrilled to announce that Hyperfair has raised $1.2M in additional seed funding from a great group of institutional investors, both American and European. The round was led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), in participation with Atlante Ventures – Intesa San Paolo’s Venture Capital Fund, and Como Venture. Founded in 2010, Hyperfair is a […]

Hyperfair’s own COO featured in Reuters Article

“My business partner and I bought a ticket for San Francisco. We just wanted to check Silicon Valley out. We never came back.” said Ballarini, who was won over by the pro-business atmosphere of the West Coast and now runs a virtual business fair platform called Hyperfair. Full article here.   If you have any […]

Hyperfair @ virtual edge summit product demo

Romy Randev, Hyperfair Vp business development, talks about Hyperfair’s platform at Virtual Edge Summit 2012 in San Diego, CA. If you have any questions about our platform ask us in chat on our website.

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