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JULY 2021

The Hyperfair family is growing

Hyperfair has made an update for the avatars and the dressing room.

The hostess/steward update

The Hostess/steward avatar is now with an hologram effect in order to be easily differentiated with the real avatars.

The Amphitheater

Looking for a new design for your auditorium? Hyperfair presents its new circular amphitheater.The amphitheater can be implemented in any AVAILABLE architecture.

JUNE 2021

MAY 2021

DJ Set

Organise a party to dance, celebrate, close your event, your fair, … using the new DJ Set and the dancing gestures. Click on the button below to see the DJ Set in the new Cube Architecture demo. You can even place it in any architecture.


The new architecture - The Cube

The brand new architecture is available. The Cube is a modern and original creation from our 3D designers. This architecture’s branding will be placed in the decorative cubes for a perfect integration.

Map Feature

Room’s name now appear on the map with their specific icon. Attendees can teleport either by clicking on the room on the map or on the list below the booths.
A very helpful tool when setting appointment.


You have the opportunity to propose a quiz with several question and a score board act the end of it. You can add a countdown and choose the points according the question.

APRIL 2021

MARCH 2021

Digital Event Award 2021 - Winner

ConneXion is a virtual expo and communications platform, where the global fibre-based packaging industry can gather and interact.


You have more options to interact with others attendees thanks to six new gestures!

Experimental Mobile Experience

Hyperfair is now available on your smartphones and tablets. Get into Hyperfair thanks to your web browser:




Escape Game
Treasure hunt
Score board


End your presentation or event with fireworks. There are 5 different fireworks.

The New brandable Black Box

Great to present a new product, organise a party with a DJ, … Can be also a one-to-one meeting room or a class room.

Submarine landscape

A very immersive landscape in the ocean where you can see fishes, sharks, …floating around your avatar.

Dressing room – new outfits

They are two new Muslim outfits: a new one for men and a new one for women.

Mixlr Sound

An interesting external app. To open by clicking on banners as a pop-up. You can broadcast some music and playlists during your event. You also have the opportunity to make an announcement to all the attendees thanks to the integrated software Mixlr Sound and microphone, everyone can hear when the pop-up is activated.




The event organizer has now the opportunity to see the number of connected people, to add a welcome message and/or a welcome video and to broadcast a pop-up message.