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The Opportunities are limitless with Hyperfair


"I thought it was amazing, at first your mind is raging, restless thinking about the applications and how it can be leveraged and used, and of course you and I traded back and forth on emails about that. I just think that it is a powerful new medium of how to enhance engagement."

David Tuyo, ‎Sr EVP/CFOO Power Financial Credit Union

"The feedback was great. People had told me, ‘I’ll just come for five minutes,’ and then they just stayed online for hours."

Michael Marcovici – WebFair Organizer

"Amazing experience. So easy to navigate around and do tasks. Had some fantastic chats with delegates and set up several meetings in only the first hour of being there. I thought I might tune out and start doing work being still at my desk but stayed super engaged with the conference the whole time I was logged in."

Carmel Dickinson, Head of Sales and Industry Relations at Boring Money

The experience was a blast, and it really made me feel as though I, as a World Campus student, had something to contribute to the greater Penn State community. It was the most fun I had all year, from putting together the poster and project to talking with other students and guests.

Penn State University StudentPenn State University Student

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