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VR Site

Upgrade your website with a VR Site. A VR Site is a 3D immersive virtual reality place for direct marketing and sales connected to your website and accessible via web and in VR.

With a VR Site, you can make your company website available in 3D and in Virtual Reality. You can use it as a VR showroom, VR store, virtual office. You can interact and collaborate with partners and customers as avatar and showcase products and services in 3D. The VR site provides unparalleled data tracking and intelligence that revolutionize the way you engage with leads and customers.


Give your website a new dimension. Make it 3D and VR-friendly and create a brand built around customer experience.


Create your VR office where to engage with customers, partners and coworkers from around the globe


Showcase your products in 3D with a VR showroom or VR store. Invite people over for product launches and exciting updates.

VR Site Features

VR Site
VR Site
VR Site
Native registration and landing page
3D VR builder
Customizable avatar and business card
Social VR features
Info & contact section
Hosting and support service
Main banners124
Wall posters578
Company representatives135

VR Branch

A VR branch delivers the future of business today by meeting customers’ increasing demands for enhanced direct relationships. The VR branch increases companies’ accessibility, and represents a convenient point of contact between your business and your customers. The VR branch delivers the intimacy and cross-sell, up-sell capabilities of a brick & mortar branch through avatar-based interaction and real-life presence. It provides a great opportunity for marketing, sales, customer care, meet-ups and engagement.

VR Branch

Build your enterprise VR presence in a larger environments that allows your organization to set up different areas and departments, market products and services and build long-lasting customer and employee relations.

VR Hub

A VR Hub is a multi-purpose 365 virtual environment providing a range of opportunities to engage an industry community. Create your VR hub, sell virtual booths and drive engagement with virtual events, such as shows, expos, and training sessions. A VR hub can serve as your industry permanent marketplace and you can monetize by hosting 3rd party advertisements and by selling virtual booths to other businesses in your industry.

VR Hub

Create your marketplace, engage your community with virtual events and shows. Organize training sessions and meet-ups, as well as career events, and more. Monetize by selling VR booths and advertising placements.

VR Hub Features

Concurrent avatarsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Native registration and website
3D and VR builder
Customizable avatar and business card
Social VR features
Number of pavilionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Booths1540Depending on plan
Environment branding
Auditorium11Depending on plan
Advertising spaces1313Depending on plan
Hosting and support
Exterior landscape based on template

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